About us

We define green enterprises as ones that try to reconcile their commercial objectives with a concern for environmental sustainability.
Very often driven by people with an underlying green ethos, they focus on sectors ranging from “clean-tech” to organic farming and range in scale from informal community groups to major corporations.
In our meetings, we also explore a variety of business models. Some green enterprises are Venture Capital backed startups, aiming to make their founders and investors rich. Others shun the VCs, but aim simply to provide a good livelihood for their staff while growing organically.  Others are social enterprises, tackling the challenge of creating both social benefit and profit. And some are exploring alternatives to the conventional economic system, aiming simply to live well on less money.
Green enterprise is widely recognised as an important future business sector and people with a green ethos are well placed to spot new opportunities. However it is still not easy. Green entrepreneurs need the creativity to spot the emerging opportunities, the business skills to cope with a rapidly changing business climate, and the ability to hold fast to their vision and values in the face of scepticism and negativity from those that do not yet see the point.
The Green Enterprise Community is a place for us to get together to learn, be inspired and help each other.
Green Enterprise Community was set up in December 2009 by Anne Miller of The Creativity Partnership, and is run as a not-for-profit project of The Creativity Partnership.  The website was created by Mark Wharton of Ignotoconsulting who demonstrated what a good teacher when he patiently showed us how to drive it.
Currently everything is being done by volunteers for free, so if you spot opportuntiies to improve things, do join us and help.
Key people are
Anne Miller             : Organiser
Mark Wharton         : Webmaster
Robert Stanford      : Miscellaneous

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