Previous events

January 2014 Bev Sedley, Cambridge sustainable food city

Nov 2013 Doug Crawford-Brown . Cambridge Retrofit

Oct 2013 Cancelled, due to severe weather.

Sept 2013 Paul Hasley. Reducing Cambridge University Energy consumption

Mar 2013 David Jones WildLife Trust

Feb 2013 Sam Archer. Aecom on NW Cambridge

Jan 2013 Martin Lucas Smith Cycle Streets

Dec 2012 Pub Social

Nov 2012 Michael Evans Green Tide Turbines

Oct 2012  Creativity Workshop for members The Creativity Partnership

Sept 2012 Aled Jones Global Sustainability Institute

June 2012 Carl Dodd, Property Revolutions Ltd

May 2012  Members' forum

Apr 2012   Andy Brown, Cambridge Architectural Research

Mar 2012   Duncan Catchpole Cambridge Organic Food Company Ltd

Feb 2012   Graham Ford. Personal realities of green enterprise

Jan 2012    Pigrim Beart  AlertMe

Dec 2011   Pub Social

Nov 2011   Tony Juniper

Oct 2011    Anne Cooper AC Architects Cambridge Ltd

Sept 2011   David Ousby Cambridge Woodworks

June 2011   Chris Southall: Urban Self Reliance

May 2011    Andy Rankin: Founder of Midsummer Energy

April 2011    Rob King: Founder of Outspoken Delivery

March 2011 Jennifer Brook: The CRC energy Efficiency scheme

Feb 2011     David Howarth: How green legislation really happens

Jan 2011     Ali Cooke:  Energy efficiency in the built environment: 

Dec 2010     Pub Social

Dec 2010     Lobby Julian Huppert MP

Nov 2010     Polysolar: How to run a business on air

Oct 2010     Ro Randall:  The psychology of engaging people in climate change

Sept 2010    Viridian Solar:  Building a successful solar panel business

June 2010    Pub social

May 2010     Simon Saggers:  A self sufficient organic small holding

April 2010    TTP Ventures low carbon incubator:  What funders look for

March 2010  Ito World: Opportunities in public transport

Feb 2010     Creativity and collaboration

Jan 2010      Inaugural meeting


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