Euro Climate Heaven and Hell

Having spent the last week in Copenhagen, doing what I can  to help get a fair, strong and binding climate deal, I'm back in the UK feeling rather depressed about the prospects. The combination of politicians, self interested lobby groups, bureacratic secrecy, mutual suspicion and  widespread frustration is a toxic combination.

However the trip started me thinking about Euro Climate Heaven and Euro Climate Hell

The irony is that much of the solution to our problems is already in front of us: widely accepted in different European countries.  We just need to add it all together

In Euro Climate Heaven we'd have ...
Danish investment in wind energy (1970-2000)
German feed-in tarrifs
Swedish insulation standards
British political rhetoric (and the Climate Act)
Swiss trains
French support for local food and agriculture
Dutch cycling facilities

Unfortunately however, if we make the wrong choices we could have Euro Climate Hell:

In Euro Climate Hell we'd have....
Czech political leadership
British political domestic inaction (for all the fine words)
Danish “preventive detention”
The German automotive lobby
The Polish coal lobby

 I'm sure people can suggest more candidates for each category!



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