Hi all from Tiny Farmer

Hi all

Just thought I would say hi to you all and give you a bit of background on Tiny Farmer so that you know what we're about.

In 2008 we made a family resolution to give up our weekly supermarket shop and try to be a bit more self sufficient for our food.  We took on a large allotment, got ourselves some chickens and set about trying to source meat as ethically as possible. We wanted to know where our meat came from, how the animals were looked after and be satisfied that no one was being short-changed along the food chain.

As it turned out we were not the only ones here in East Anglia who were passionate about high quality, welfare-friendly meat at a fair price for the farmer and the consumer.  We had so much interest from like-minded people that we were able to organize one-off meat shares every few months.  Tiny Farmer has now developed and we regularly deliver our top quality fresh beef and lamb throughout our locality and further afield. If you want to collect your meat from us that is fine as well - we just need a little notice to make sure we are in.

For further information have a look at our website: www.tinyfarmer.co.uk

We have a regular stall selling our beef and lamb at Wimpole Hall Farmers Market (every 2nd Saturday of the month) and Ely Farmers Market (every 4th Saturday of the month) - do pop in and say hello.

I look forward to being part of this community and meeting you at the next meeting.



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