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Dear all,


Last time I looked we were just into 2010 and now we are nearing British Summer Time! Here’s the latest SPEP info!




Hinxton is the newest addition to the SPEP community and we welcome their input into all the projects that year 2 of the SPEP brings.




I cannot stress enough the need to push cavity-wall and loft insulation. The main messages are insulate right and you won’t need as much energy to have a warm and comfortable home, this saves you money on your central heating bills and reduces your carbon footprint!!!


Eastern CRI simplify the insulation process:




A group of 11 of us are going on Monday 29th March. Hockerton is one of the UK’s most interesting and innovative low-carbon living communities and we will bring back some ideas for the SPEP villages. We will be travelling in sustainable fashion – car-sharing using the HiCar vehicle (the newly established Histon and Impington car club read about the car club in “An Interview with…HiCar”)




The most dynamic part of the SPEP website is the SPEP Notice board and SPEP Members Area. Updates, events information, energy and sustainability news, and SPEP advice sheets will be archived on these pages so it is definitely worth a weekly check.





Some of you see the same loyal faces at every meeting or event that you put on in your villages. This is great but I am sure you would like to reach new people as well. General information evenings are just one way of getting the messages across. Here are a few other ideas for creative communication…


‘Swishing’ (clothes-swapping) or ‘Cadge-it’ (gadget-swapping) tackling over-consumption and   saving money


 ‘Speed energy-dating’ for people to have one-on-one chats and share solutions for insulation, energy efficiency or renewable energy


Climate Talk – a game produced by NEF (New Economic Foundation) to initiative conversation about climate change issues


Climate Walk – produced by NEF to take a hypothetical trip into the future based on the decisions that we make now


Different types of event will appeal to different audiences but the same messages can be conveyed. Please get in touch, if you want more information on fresh ideas to get people onboard.




It seems that spring is in the air and it would be great to plan some events across the SPEP parishes. The plan is to have another larger-scale Village Energy Show combined with a workshop focused on community building energy efficiency. As ever support can be given to local groups who are having stands at village shows or organising their own events. So have a think and please do approach me with any ideas you have.




Some more MINIMs will be arriving soon and we will have some new models that will be able to calculate electricity for homes on 3-phase electricity supply. You may also like to get local businesses onboard with your energy efforts and loan out a monitor to them as well as making them aware of the Cambridge Climate Change Charter


Paul and Duncan from HICCA are carrying out an evaluation of the energy monitors in each of the parishes who loan out monitors. Paul and Duncan will be getting in touch to find out how you have found setting up a loan scheme and the monitors.




This in the first article for a new feature called “An Interview with…” – interesting insights into sustainable projects in South Cambridgeshire. Histon and Impington are the first SPEP parishes to create their own car club. Transport is such a big issue and they have tackled it head on. They have a wealth of experience to share so the article is a must-read for all of us… Read article at




The next workshop will be held in Barton on the 24th May 7pm – 9pm so mark the date in your diary. The workshop will include info on Feed-in tariffs, Eastern CRI renewable energy installations and new SCDC recycling bins. More details about venue and an agenda will follow.




Have you got a green idea to revolutionise the shopping world and fancy winning £100,000 for local green initiatives? If you don’t mind Marks and Spencer owning your idea, why not enter…




Earth Hour starts at 8.30pm on Saturday 27th March. Switch off your lights and electricity! More information at

Best Wishes,


Alexandra and Richard


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