up to £12K on offer for ideas about sustainable food

The Ordnance Survey is keen to encourage the use of their (newly released) open mapping data, so is running 3 competitions to find the best ideas that use this. The first "GeoVation Challenge" for 2010-2011 is How can Britain feed itself?” The closing date is 3 September (12:00 noon)

The prize is

1) an invitation to a free "camp" in london, where you'll have access to design, business and social enterprise expertise to help you develop your idea. These camps can also be quite fun.

2 ) The best 3 or 4 ideas from the camp will be invited to pitch to an independent panel of judges, with the winner getting a cash prize of £7-12K (precise sum to be confirmed)

3) There'll be publicity around the event and the winners

For more details click here and here

Note that although they ask you to post details of the idea on their website, you are free to decide how much detail to go into if you're worried about protecting your IP: you could even just post a title and ask people to contact you for details.

Good luck


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