I'm in print!

I didn't tell anyone until relatively recently, in case the project turned into an embarassing failure but it seems to be going OK and I am now a published author. My book is called 'Energy and Carbon Emissions: the way we live today' and it has lots of stuff about our usage and emissions, heat loss from houses, energy and carbon in food, transport (how much more we travel than we used to and a third of that is leisure not for work!) renewable energy and other stuff. I was asked yesterday how I chose what to put in - the answer is I chose what I find interesting. Its all in short digestable chunks - most sections are only one or two pages.

There is more about it on my website (http://nicola.qeng-ho.org) - and since I had to put the book to bed and wasn't allowed to add any more stuff I've been putting it into a blog instead which is here. http://energy-surprises.blogspot.com/

Its ever so exciting being in print at last and people have said nice things about the book and are even buying it from me. The RRP is £10 but if you come to me personally I will give it to you for £7 (and that benefits me too because you won't believe how little authors get for selling books through the normal retail channels).

Do tell me what you think of my blog too, because it has a slightly different tone than the book, a little more fun, but its hard to keep going without feedback.



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