Visioning 2050

Transition Towns work on the principle that if we can create a vision of what we want the future to be like we have a better chance of achieving that vision. Working on this principle, Transition Cambridge is running a workshop to brainstorm what this vision might be like, which connects with a story competition for short stories set in Cambridge in 2050, in a world we can look forward to living in.  The workshop is based on a virtual tour around Cambridge streets - using photographs of everyday scenes. Many things will have changed: What will the market be selling? How will people be getting about? What will our houses look like and how will we deal with our rubbish? Maybe some ideas for business opportunities wil be created?


The workshop is this Sunday 28th March 3-5pm at Romsey Mill. There is more information about it here:

The competition does not close until 30th April so if you want to have a go (you can win £150) then there is plenty of time.

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