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Richard Watson

I am looking for sites to build medium sized Anaerobic Digesters. These could either convert food waste and manure into biogas for injection into the gas grid or convert the gas into electricity with a CHP (combined heat and power) engine. The plants produce 0.5 MW of continuous power (but can be scaled up) and occupy around an acre. They need to have access to roads and be as inoffensive as possible in planning terms and will take 2 years (subject to planning) before they are operational. Ideal locations would be on farms or brownfield sites close to towns, with gas or electrical connections nearby, preferably with a potential heat user in the area (industry, housing etc) and a farmer willing to take the bio-fertiliser. I am also looking to set up a small scale biodiesel refinery in Sussex to supply diesel electric motors that would feed the grid. These plants are planned as commercial investments but could form the focus for  local escos. I am a former writer turned green entrepreneur and have a passion for greening the palm oil industry in south east asia where I grew up, but that's another story. 


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