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Cambridge Biodiesel
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Cambridge Ethical Fuels Co-op and Cambridge Biodiesel
An Introduction

My Name is Mark Neilson; I am 38 and have lived in Cambridge area for 30 years.

As a self-employed person I work for 2 or three contractors on an as and when basis. The work is mainly specialist exterior Construction mainly in the landscape sector.
I also specialise in Flint Wall Conservation and New Build. I use Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) mortar for in all my work. NHL is created in a kiln at much lower temperatures compared to Ordinary Portland Cement. NHL also absorbs Carbon Dioxide in the curing process.

 Alternative fuels for transport and heating

I have been 'into' diesel bio-fuels for the last 8 years and in 2005 set up Cambridge Biodiesel as a partnership with Dan Tomlinson.
In 2007 Cambridge Biodiesel moved to a new site at Station Garage,
It purchased 2# 20ft shipping containers as its ‘low impact facility’ it is s off grid and relies on generators for electrical power.
In 2009 I set up Cambridge Ethical Fuels Ltd (Consumer Co-operative registered with Co-operatives UK No 30796R) 
Its aim is to make alternative fuels accesable to Cambridge residents.
The Co-op is in its formative stage with 3 founder members. (Mark Neilson (Secretary), Graham Lingley, John Kazer)
Eventually CEF will merge with Cambridge Biodiesel, its Assets and Liabilities will be adopted by the Co-operative
The facility at Fulbourn is very basic and requires investment in time and money to make it work become a viable enterprise.

Aims and goals for 2010/2011:

  • In 2010 CEF will be open to membership with fees generated to develop existing facilities, infrastructure and creating a viable working environment. Members have voting rights at CEF meetings.
  • Complete outstanding works to enable accurate dispensing of fuels and storage of liquids. Estimated cost £750.
  • Establish Fresh Vegetable Oil sales to Restaurants, pubs and Caterers offering a dedicated ‘Supply and collect Service’ to equal or better existing providers.
  • CEF will apply for grants to help develop dedicated Used Cooking Oil collection schemes for Cambridge. Residues of oil / fats filtration will be offered to AD Biogas producers.
  • Purchase a replacement Used Cooking oil Collection vehicle.
  • CEF to develop a small scale Combined Heat and Power system. Based on the Listeroid low speed diesel engine power and heat will be created to help with UCO benificiation and to run the biodiesel filling station. Estimated cost £8,000
  • Install PhotoVoltaic solar panel on top of shipping containers.
  • Install battery bank and inverters.
  • Provide power points for electric car recharging
  • Arrange Funding for Members only self service facility
  • Design and build Self Services Facility based on ‘pay at the pump’ system estimated cost £12,000

 Key Products

  • Biodiesel (FAME/B100 also known as Fatty Acid Methyl Ester), prices range from 95ppl to 1.06 ppl
  • Plant Oils (PPO/WVO) for converted diesel engines. Prices for Plant Oils range from 30ppl to 90ppl
  • Blended mineral diesel (Diester 30) for Post 2002 modern diesels. FYI Morrisons Supermarkets retail B30 biodiesel.Prices from 1.12 ppl
Our FAME products are sourced from sustainable Used Cooking oil (Cambridge, Oxford and London) and our Plant Oil from local catering firms and farmed seed oils grown under crop rotation and cold pressed.


In 2009 we started reselling wood briquettes made from local sawmill waste. See
Briquettes sale Example: 25 bags £72.25 delivered to Cambridge area. Limited stock is held at Fulbourn. Sample bag £4.50 delivered.
At the moment my efforts are solely of a part time nature with help from friends and members of CEF Co-op.
Proceeds form the sale of biodiesel alone goes to pay off a small business development overdraft through HSBC and a ‘loan’ from Golden Fuels. The turnover is quite small at the moment because of its part-time nature. Sales of Used cooking oil and Wood Briquettes are currently part of Mark Neilsons income.
I am looking to develop Cambridge Ethical Fuels Co-op into a full time viable business and would be interested to hear from like-minded individuals to join the Co-op to share in the experience and help make Cambridge a ‘Green Enterprise Community’.
Useful further reading:
I can be contacted at my home address: -
MARK CW NEILSON 24 Mortlock Gardens Great Abington Cambridge CB21 6BA United Kingdom. Home Tel: 01223 894058 Mobile: 0780 1042504 Email:



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