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Cathy Debenham

Founder of YouGen, a new website for people interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency for their home.

It was born from our experience trying to do a low carbon renovation. Having weighed up the alternatives we got quotes for a wood pellet boiler. None of the suppliers came to look at our house. The top and bottom prices quoted varied by £4,000, and none of the advice agencies could help us to assess the relative benefits (and enormously different prices) of the products quoted for. We gave up and bought a condensing gas boiler - but I noticed a gap in the market. It launched in April 2009

Prior to starting YouGen I have 20 years experience in marketing, branding and journalism in the private and voluntary sectors. I am particularly interested in the challenges of communication around climate change and the move to a low carbon economy; and in branding in values based organisations.


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