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CycleStreets - UK-wide cycle journey planner and photomap

CycleStreets provides a cycle journey planner and photomap website, for the purposes of promoting cycling.

The Journey Planner enables people to plan a cycle journey from A-B, giving both the quietest and fastest routes, as well as a third option which balances these two. Route-planning is one of several interventions that help give people confidence to start cycling, giving health, environmental and economic benefits. It also improves routes for people already cycling. Some 47,000 journeys have been planned since the launch in March 2009 of (what is currently) our beta phase, with intentionally little publicity. Data comes from OpenStreetMap, which is GPS ground-surveyed, often by cyclists.

The Guardian reviewed CycleStreets:
and said that: “it can already deliver better and better-presented results for some cyclists than, say, Boris Johnson's own TFL journey planner.” and also: “Given how useful the beta version already is, I can only imagine how good it'll be once they have all the help they deserve.”


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