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Colin Stroud

I have been interested in green issues for about 15 years since reading James Lovelock's Gaia series of books.   I have been restoring my old house using a mix of traditional techniques and modern non-oil/chemical based materials.

I qualified as a civil engineer but now own and run an international trading company.  My opinion is that the government will  fail to deliver on its CO2 promises because it will not be strong enough to introduce innovative solutions or innovative changes in thinking.  I think the real change will come from ordinary people changing their habits and ordinary entrepreneurs creating new products and services.   It will be up to us to create the low carbon future and I am generally not convinced that a there is a technological solution to reduce CO2 emissions, I believe fostering behaviour change is essential.

I imagine that in the long run good ideas will get government support only after they have been seen to work locally.
Presently I and one other member are exploring the possibilities behind a system of public transport and lift sharing on demand.  This could make a considerable contribution to reducing emissions.  Please contact me if you wish to join us.


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