About me

Hi all,

I thought I should introduce myself to the community. Mainly I am a computer programmer (correction IT consultant!). But recently I have not been working except for occasional jobs. I have just finished a degree in Environmental Studies at the OU (hopefully - my results will be available real soon now). It was quite an experience, going back to studying a good twenty years after my first degree at Cambridge. But I have not yet found a way to use that new knowledge. In the meantime,   I look after the Transition Cambridge website (http://www.transitioncambridge.org). and I am involved in Transition Cambridge food and energy groups - all of which keeps me plenty busy. The energy group has several projects on the go which will involve creating a company with shareholders so that Cambridge people can invest in Cambridge energy projects. More on that later, I dare say.

Hi Nicola, Welcome!  

Hi Nicola,



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