About Mark Neilson

Hi GEC, I am Co founder member of Cambridge Biodiesel and Cambridge Ethical Fuels Co-op we distribute Biodiesel (from waste veg oil )and Plant oils. We also sell locally made Recyled wood waste briquettes. Our enterprise is very low key but could be developed into a viable business.

I also run a partime recyling scheme collecting ali cans, old electronics and General scrap and Garage recyclate.

My Main job is specialist construction mainly in the landscape sector. I also carry out flint wall construction and repair. I use Natural Haydraulic Lime  (NHL)which is produced in a low temperature kiln(cement is made at very high temps).NHL also absorbs CO2. 

I look forward to meeting you at the formative Meeting

Mark Neilson



hi Mark


I've been aware of Cambridge Biodiesel for a while, and it sounds like a very interesting idea. Hopefully the members of the green enterprise community can help it develop further. Do register it as an organisational member, and then you can post some information about it. Its just the sort of thing green-enterprise community members will be interested in


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