Opportunity for Green ICT in Schools?

Just read an interesting article in a Guardian supplement, pointing out that later this year the government will be launching a new initiative, expecting all schools to cut their carbon emissions.  School budgets are also likely to be under great pressure, so there may be an interesting opportunity for IT savvy green entrepreneurs to help them work out what to do.

Report on first session of Green Enterprise

This generated a nice buzz.

Although the formal session of the first meeting of Green-enterprise community finished at 9:45, discussions continued in the pub afterwards until we got thrown out at midnight!  It looked to me as if at least one third of the participants had made useful connections. Quite a few were arranging to meet together afterwards.

It’s clear there is a hunger for a Green enterprise community of some sort, although as one might expect, people’s needs vary according to what stage of the journey they’re on. 

Training grants for Creative businesses in the East of England

The Beyond 2010 programme can reimburse up to 50% of your business training costs this year. Screen East is delivering the Creative Sector of this European Social Fund and East of England Development Agency (ESF/EEDA) programme supporting higher level short courses to a maximum grant of £5000 per business. The Creative Sector includes digital media, web design, audio visual industries and software development.

'What start-ups are really like' - an interesting essay by Paul Graham

 This essay might be of interest to some, Paul is quite known for his decent essays and this one, entitled, 'what start-ups are really like' seemed especially pertinent.

Out of interest, I read it this morning on a newletter called 'Good Experience', you can get an idea about the newsletter from the Good Experience Blog but they are not identical. 


Car Scrappage Scheme - a lost opportunity to stimulate demand for efficient cars!

Our old Fiat Punto is not looking so good. Since it is 10 years old we have wondered about buying a new car using the govenment's scrappage scheme.

Hi all from Tiny Farmer

Hi all

Just thought I would say hi to you all and give you a bit of background on Tiny Farmer so that you know what we're about.

In 2008 we made a family resolution to give up our weekly supermarket shop and try to be a bit more self sufficient for our food.  We took on a large allotment, got ourselves some chickens and set about trying to source meat as ethically as possible. We wanted to know where our meat came from, how the animals were looked after and be satisfied that no one was being short-changed along the food chain.

Cambridge Hitech Assisiation of Small Enterprises e-Go personal aircraft talk

I thought that this talk may be of interest on account that this personal aircraft claims that it will be "environmentally friendly" with low noise levels and capable of achieving 80MPG and a cruising speed of 115MPH!

Talk - Tony Bishop on the e-Go project - a novel light aircraft - 18th Jan

About Mark Neilson

Hi GEC, I am Co founder member of Cambridge Biodiesel and Cambridge Ethical Fuels Co-op we distribute Biodiesel (from waste veg oil )and Plant oils. We also sell locally made Recyled wood waste briquettes. Our enterprise is very low key but could be developed into a viable business.

I also run a partime recyling scheme collecting ali cans, old electronics and General scrap and Garage recyclate.

The importance of getting the requirements right

Having undertaken and overseen a fair amount of systems implementation in my time. I saw this video over the holiday period and it served as a useful reminder as to how easy it is to get the requirements for a new system wrong through poor communication and assumptions both from the customer and the supplier. Which is made harder by the frustration that inevitably follows.


Why Transition Cambridge likes Green Enterprise

I have already mentioned my involvement with Transition Cambridge, but I dare say many of you won't know much about that, and Robert suggested I post something about it and why we think Green Enterprise in Cambridge is important, so here goes:

Transition Cambridge is part of the Transition Towns movement, which inspires and encourages the development of resilient, sustainable communities in a diverse, low carbon economy.

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