Euro Climate Heaven and Hell

Having spent the last week in Copenhagen, doing what I can  to help get a fair, strong and binding climate deal, I'm back in the UK feeling rather depressed about the prospects. The combination of politicians, self interested lobby groups, bureacratic secrecy, mutual suspicion and  widespread frustration is a toxic combination.

However the trip started me thinking about Euro Climate Heaven and Euro Climate Hell

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Hi all,

Private/Public funded wind turbine at Bassingbourn Community Primary School

Bassingbourn Community Primary School has installed a 5kw wind turbine to help power the school.

Bassingbourn Christmas Market

Harvest Market Stall


The Wave

On Saturday 5th December, I was at The Wave demonstration in London,  demonstrating with 50,000 others for a strong and binding agreement at Copenhagen. It felt good to be in the company of so many others that that share my concern, and are prepared to take action to try to get the future we need.

Why meet in the Friends' Meeting House?

Some people may be wondering why the first Green Enterprise Community meetings are in the Friends Meeting House. 

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